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Build Your Credibility, Authority & Visibility

Distinguish yourself from your competition by building a strong personal brand.

Who We Serve

We support ambitious elite athletes, entrepreneurs and entertainers wanting to build their personal brand.



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A personal brand strategy can help elite athletes attract new sponsors, entrepreneurs build businesses and entertainers be seen as industry leaders to attract opportunities.

We help you increase your visibility, impact and monetise your talents.

Personal Branding Packages 




Establish your personal brand

Ready to create your personal brand's visual identity. The start-up package for your personal branding.

Build package includes:

  • Consultation for clarity on purpose, vision & values;

  • Personal brand logo;

  • Personal brand plan; and

  • Social media templates.



Build media profile and digital footprint

Want to increase your visibility through building your public profile via media and digital avenues.

Boost profile package includes:

  • Personal brand story;

  • Content strategy;

  • Digital footprint growth; and

  • Media templates.



Full fruitful package

A comprehensive package to create your visual identity, personal brand plan and gain credibility, authority and industry leadership. 

Blooming package includes:

  • Clarity on purpose, vision & values;

  • Personal brand logo;

  • Personal brand plan;

  • Social media templates;

  • Personal brand story;

  • Content strategy;

  • Digital footprint growth;

  • Personal brand website;

We help entrepreneurs, entertainers and elite athletes build a strong personal brand through exploring your purpose, passion and powers along with your vision, mission and values.

A personal brand will help to establish your authority, credibility and visibility to attract the right opportunities.

We have a bespoke approach to helping you become an industry leader, grow your digital footprint, build your personal brand website and crafting and controlling your message with compelling storytelling through your owned and external media channels.

OF personal branding

  • Aligned purpose, passion and power;

  • Clear vision and values;

  • Increase your visibility and public profile;

  • Establish credibility, authority and leadership;

  • Attract opportunities, clients, partners, talent;

  • Showcase your specialty with a consistent message;

  • Build your reputation and control the dialogue;

  • Attract the right people with shared values;

  • Increase your power and influence; and

  • Make a positive impact and leave a legacy.

Copy of Personal Brand Blueprint Heading

let's chat

Not sure which package is right for you or want to talk about a tailored one for your specific needs?


What the Fruitful Fans Say

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“I have nothing but praise for Shelley and the Fruitful Group.  I engaged Shelley to design my personal brand, and her expert guidance made the process enjoyable and easy.  I was so impressed that she spent the time to really understand my values and vision, as well as my target market, so that these important elements could be incorporated into the branding. 


I am thrilled with the results and would certainly recommend Shelley to anyone looking for a highly professional and creative designer.”

—  Sarah Curtis-Fawley, Entrepreneur & Business Growth Strategist

Coming Soon  

Online training course to teach you the ins and outs of building your personal brand.

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