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The Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast female founder series was created to raise the visibility of female entrepreneurs, leading business growth, and inspire a limitless mindset.


We showcase everyday women in business doing amazing things to encourage you to build your own blooming brand, unleash your feminine power and leave a positive impact with a purpose-driven business.

We share their stories over a relaxed chat to shine the spotlight on them and inspire of female entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

Watch the episode below or stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube.

Watch the Episodes

Episode One: Increasing Your Impact and Scale through Technology with female founder, Dr Lillian Nejad

Host, Shelley Tilbrook interviews Clinical Psychologist, Dr Lillian Nejad about her entrepreneur journey, transitioning to business owner, business expansions, partnerships, personal branding, business planning, mindfulness and more.


Plus tips for entrepreneurs to manage their mental health.

Ep 1

Episode Two: Following Your Purpose for Environmental Sustainability with female founder, Vinita Baravkar

Host, Shelley Tilbrook, chats with female founder, Vinita Baravkar about her entrepreneur journey, her transfer of knowledge from the textiles industry to develop sustainable cotton farming for her brand Bhumi.


She shares her insights, lessons, challenges as well as a few tips for entrepreneurs to develop their leadership.

Episode Three: Using Marketing as a Force for Good with female founder, Candice DeVille

Host, Shelley Tilbrook interviews female founder, Candice DeVille from the Copilot Crew, about her entrepreneur journey and strong values leading her to focus on using marketing as a force for good.

We also speak about her new venture AI Copilot.

Episode Four: Diversity and Visibility for female founders, with Deepa Mani

Host, Shelley Tilbrook interviews female founder, Deepa Mani, the founder of the Chandralaya School of Dance.

We speak about her entrepreneur journey, insights and lessons, along with her passion for culture, diversity and visibility for female founders and women of colour. 

Episode Five: The Business of Bold Branding, with Mikeila Scheckenbach

Host, Shelley Tilbrook interviews female founder, Mikeila Schenback from Bandit.

We speak about her entrepreneur journey, insights and lessons, along with our mutual passion for bold branding and category disruption. 

Ep 2

Episode Six: Navigating Negotiation & Leadership Skills, with Brady Yoshia

In episode 6, guest Brady Yoshia shares her entrepreneur journey and switch from the telecommunications industry to the real estate industry.


In the male-dominated industries, she had to hone her negotiation and leadership skills in order to thrive.


Episode Seven: Fuelling Success with Be Fit Food, with Kate Save

In episode 7, guest Kate Save shares her entrepreneur journey about co-founding Be Fit Food.


She was determine to take her lived experience and expertise about nutrition and make an alternative to shakes and diet bars to help people regain their health through nuitritious food.

Ep 7

Episode Eight: Celebrity Makeup Artist to Entrepreneur, with Christina Flach

In episode 8, guest Christina Flach joins us from California to share her entrepreneur journey with founding Pretty Girl Makeup.

We discuss the challenges of boot strapping a business, the evolution of brand promotion in the beauty industry, personal branding to grow your business brand, investing and her business philosophy, mindset and wellbeing routine.

ep8 Chistina

Episode Nine: Attracting and leading talent, with Charlotte Hall

In episode 9, We chat with Charlotte Hall from Hallway People about how her entrepreneur journey started, how she is changing the norm in the recruiting space and how to attract and lead talent when growing your business.


She also shares great tips on video marketing and AI to help keep your business ahead of the competition. 

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