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The persuasive Pitch Fruitful formula to TURN your audience

Persuasive Pitches and Presentations

 Connect, captivate and convert your audience  

Professional pitch presentations are used widely in business, yet very few of these skills are taught or understood at an executive or management level.

You may be pitching an idea to a boss, pitching to an investor for seed funding, pitching to a potential sponsor - the fruitful formula applies to each of these with an adjustment to the ingredients for each.

Our proven storytelling formulas with impactful designs will

 captivate your audience;

 stir emotion; and

 inspire action.




BENEFITS OF the pitch perfect fruitful formula

  • Meaningful connection with your target audience;

  • Motivate desired behaviours without selling ;

  • Captivate your audience through powerful stories;

  • Communicate with clarity and confidence; 

  • Achieve emotional resonance with your audience;

  • Attract the right people with shared values;

  • Move others to action;

  • Ability to influence and persuade;

  • Establish credibility, authority and leadership;

  • Maximise buying psychology and mental triggers; and

  • Create memorable compelling messages.

7 P's for the Perfect Pitch

Many presentations and pitches we see are missing fruitful ingredients involving equal measures of science and art.


Your ability to influence, persuade and get the desired response, will be largely linked to your ability to tell your story with compelling anecdotes and evidence.


We have seen one powerpoint too many with too much text, no supporting visuals, inconsistent design, no music. 60% learn and communicate with visuals, colour ignites emotions and music inspires action. 


People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. What is your purpose? Bring the audience in, inspire them with your vision and invite them to collaborate. 


What's in it for them. Always make the pitch about them and how you can help them.


Share with them the fruitful results that they can expect by doing business with you.


They do business with people they know, like and trust. Features and benefits don't drive behaviour - decision-making is controlled by the lymbic system - they buy on emotion, then rationalise with logic.


The problem you solve is too important to place a value on. It's simply priceless and aligns to their values.

Unpack their priorities, values and what motivates them.


"The most confident person in the room wins."

Pitch with conviction.

But also ensure you outline the outcome and forecast performance of your solution with clear metrics.

The proof is in the pudding.

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Signature Pitch & Presentation Packages

All our presentations and pitch documents and packages are bespoke to your needs. The below packages give you an idea of our most popular services.

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Present with Persuasion

A persuasive presentation to communicate your story to your audience that motivates the desired behaviour or action.

We design, copywrite and connect your story so it is fit for purpose using our fruitful formulas to trigger the desired emotional response and behaviour.

We have experience with commercial investor pitches, sponsorship pitches, competitive client pitches and stage presentations.





A Sales Deck that Sells Your Story

Need to send your written sales deck to get a foot in the door?

Let us help you stand out from the crowd, help you craft your offer, story and reasons to do business with you.

We have experience with sponsorship presentations, sales decks, and government funding grants to support your business growth.





Strategy to captivate & connect tribes

Build a strategy presentation that gets to the heart of why you exist, where you are going and how you will get there.


We help refine your purpose, vision, mission along with the foundations of the values to then connect your strategy with memorable structures so your staff, sponsors, industry and stakeholders are excited and empowered to be on the journey with you.



The Fruitful 5-Step Process

Crafting your compelling story and persuasive pitch


Who are the decision-makers? What are their pain points? What problems can you solve for them? What do they value most?


What evidence supports your solution? What social proof do you have? What statistics back your argument?


What is your story so far? What is your vision? What are your shared values? What stories build trust, credibility, authority? How to structure the pitch.


What format best suits the pitch (sales deck, video, PPT, live)? How to make it visually compelling, emotive, & impactful. Brand mockups and consistency.

pitch & close

Presentation techniques, sales triggers, overcoming obstacles, support sales material and follow up strategy.

Fruitful Presentations & Pitch Advice For You

The Fruitful Fans 

What our Clients Say

“We recently engaged Shelley to help bring together the story of our strategy development process and vision for our organisation. We were very happy with the end product. Shelley has a unique ability for storytelling. Her design skills are exceptional as is her ability to capture and convey key messages in a way that connect and resonate with the audience. Beyond her work output she has a highly collaborative and professional approach.

If you need someone to share a vision, convey a message, market a concept, refine your strategy or elevate your presentation, I would recommend Shelley.” 

—  Anna Fitzgerald, Executive General Manager, Strategy & Risk, 

Athletics Australia

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Coming Soon 


The Pitch Perfect Program - a 6-week online training course with Fruitful Faculty featuring video lectures, comprehensive notes, checklists, workbooks and fruitful formulas, PLUS live support in the private Facebook Group for students to connect and ask questions.

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