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Planning to build a new website? Here is a 10-step checklist eBook to avoid the mistakes and save you time and money in the process. 


Whether you are building your first website, redesigning an existing one or have

created over one hundred, we've put together an essential 10-step checklist to help

you optimise your content, engage your audience and convert new customers.


The eBook is written by Shelley Tilbrook (Fruitful Group Founder) who has over 12 years experience in designing and building websites that attract traffic and convert customers.


Here's what's included in this 16-page eBook

1. Set your website objectives

2. Create a content plan

3. Determine functionality required

4. Define your customer & design their journey (UX)

5. Select a website platform to suit your needs

6. Establish brand application, CCS & design guidelines

7. Prepare & optimise content

8. Load content, tag & SEO

9. Site review & test

10. Register domain and hosting & publish website

Building Your Website Checklist eBook

  • This is a 16-page eBook.

    It will be emailed to you electronically when you purchase online.

  • We will refund any digial product within 7 days of purchase if you are not happy with the product.

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