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Are you focussed on building a product or a brand?


If you develop a clear brand strategy, it will help you:

  • stand out against your competition;
  • be purposeful with all your actions; and
  • position you to attract your ideal customer.


The Fruitful Brand Blueprint guides you through the 10 most important stages of branding.

In each section the therory, examples and working method will help you create your brand strategy.


In this eBook you'll learn:

  1. Brand Purpose - framework and how to set yours
  2. Brand Values - why your values will attract your ideal audience
  3. Brand Position - how to determine the best brand position 
  4. Brand Name - types of brand names, brainstorm method and the fruitful evaluation
  5. Brand Personality - what are the 5 frameworks and the 42 personality traits and characters
  6. Brand Colours - what emotions colour evokes and their meaning to best match your values and personality
  7. Brand Language - how to define your brand language so that it is unique and consistent
  8. Brand Identity - what to include and logo styles
  9. Brand Touchpoints - develop your customer experiences to delight and consistentyly deliver
  10. Brand Story - formulas to develop your brand story to connect at an emotional level


A well defined brand will change the way you do business. An effective brand will attract instead of interrupt. This can be a game-changer for your business growth.

The Fruitful Branding Blueprint eBook

  • 78-page eBook is in PDF format.

    This will be emailed to you immediately following your online purchase.

  • "I really enjoyed this task. Gave me the right headspace of where I want to take my values, brand, and work."

    Romina Titanti - Founder Grapple Up
    About the Brand Personality Matrix

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