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How Can I Use It?

The Fruitful Decision-Making Framework is designed to assist with major business decisions and can be adapted for the following situations:

  • Developing your strategy;

  • Selected the best strategic initiatives to pursue;

  • Choosing a supplier;

  • Which product to launch first;

  • Where to invest your time and resources; or

  • Selecting a service or tool for your business.

The most common mistake for business owners when making a decision, is they look at the cost. The Fruitful Decision-Making Framework flips that by comparing profit potential, impact, sustainability, viability, expertise, timeframes, trust, resources required and all the elements you should take into account before you look at the cost. Because cost is relative. Would you buy something for $1 that makes a $1.20 or would you prefer to invest $5 to make $15?

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What You'll Gain

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A data-driven decision-making tool;

Green Apple

An unbiased measurement to empower your decisions;

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Confidence in decision-making to take the fruitful path;

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Smarter investments with thorough research and due diligence;

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Sustainable solutions for your business; and

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Ability to evaluate alternative options.

The Fruitful Decision-Making Framework was developed by Fruitful Group Founder, Shelley Tilbrook, to assist clients with evaluating alternatives, speeding up decision-making and ultimately selecting the path with the most impact that aligned to their strategy.

Shelley has over 20 years commercial and marketing experience and saw a need for managers, business owners and entrepreneurs who either were slow to make decisions or dived head-first into one without the adequate evaluation.

"Rarely should a decision be solely based on costs, yet so many are. This Framework looks at the impact, reach, potential revenue, resources required to implement, level of expertise to execute as well as the indirect benefits for a complete evaluation and use the data to inform my decision. The numbers should  make the decision easy and find the best sustainable fruitful solution for your business."

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