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Concise Copywriting

Avoid being too wordy with your written form to hold the readers attention and communicate a clear message.

We'll try to keep this short!

You see, less is more when it comes to writing wether it is for your website, social media, marketing, email campaigns, presentations or business reports.

Here's some quick hacks to save you time with your copywriting.

Firstly, why is this important?

Keeping your copy tight is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. Communicate clearly;

  2. readers will recall easier;

  3. doesn't dilute your message;

  4. hold reader's attention;

  5. lasting impact;

  6. save reader time;

  7. brain can interpret faster; and

  8. simple language for easier comprehension.

Here are some common shortcuts to replace phrases with one or two words.

Wordiness can confuse a reader. Shorten your sentences with these simple replacements.

  • A number of........ replace with - several

  • In order to.... replace with - to

  • At the moment.....replace with - now

  • To this day...replace with - Currently

  • Have to....replace with - must

  • In the month of December.......replace with - in December

  • People who are experienced travelers......eplace with - experienced travelers

  • At Christmas time....replace with - at Christmas

  • The hat belonging to Shelley......replace with - Shelley's hat

  • With regard to...replace with - regarding

  • In the event that.....replace with if

  • Subsequent to...replace with after

  • It is apparent that... replace with - evidently

  • the possibility exists for...replace with - potentially

  • Prior to....replace with - before

  • In reference to...replace with - regarding

  • Submitted a resignation...replace with - resigned

  • Provide with information...replace with - inform

  • Due to the fact that...replace with - because

This doesn't just apply to headings, hooks and sub-headings.

The power of words to express not impress

If your language confuses people, you will lose them, so use words that the average layperson can understand. Remove technical jargon unless you are conversing with other experts who will understand your industry terms or unless you are teaching.

Keep it straightforward for clarity and go for a $0.05 word over a $5 word.

Remove words that carry little meaning

Here is a list of word you can avoid:

  • actually

  • basically

  • certain

  • definitely

  • different

  • kind of

  • particular

  • practically

  • really

  • various

  • generally

  • very

  • virtually

  • individual

We've all used them, but for sharp, concise copy, you don't need them.

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