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Content Production like a Pro

There are a growing number of apps that have been designed to specifically create content for social media that will make you look like a pro. And it will save you a whole bunch of time too. Here's a few of our favourites.


Instagram stories are used by 500 million users everyday and Facebook is growing too. They are a super powerful marketing tool, but it's another content piece to create. So here's some short-cut tools to get cut-through, impact and engagement.


In this app, you can choose from an array of animated templates suitable for Instagram and Facebook stories. There is a free and pro version so you can try before you buy, but still get a good result from the free version. You can share straight to Instagram, Facebook or your camera roll. You will be able to create 10 or more in under 20 minutes.


Storyboost is similar to Instories, however, it provides a series of stories to tell your story. Pick a template, change the images, text, colour, animation style and export. Then you'll have your day planned and all in sync with great transitions that make your stories stand out and look more professional.


Content is king, but it's also a lot of work. Sharing articles is a great way to keep the conversation going with your target audience.


While we would recommend generating your own content on your website to push to social media, we know that many business simply do not have the time or expertise. If this is you then Soundboard might be your lifesaver. Soundboard allows you to search various topics (that your niche is interested in) and share content to your social, all with the captions and effective #hashtags planned. You can plan a week's worth of content in 15 minutes and get your engagement up! Soundboard work on a monthly fee (with a free trial month), but when you consider the time it saves and the volume you can output, the fee pays itself.

Graphic Design

Waiting on your graphic designer to finish a long list of jobs before he starts your social content? No longer a problem. Get the brand, colour palate and style guide and head to these apps.


Packed with ready-designed templates that you can edit, Canva can resize for platform, upload your brand, change colour palate and post straight to socials or download. You'll find correctly-sized artboards ready for posters, social media (feed, stories, headers), access to free and paid stock images and more. You can design your static and animated graphic here and save a lot of time.


This graphic design tool is ideal for bloggers, business owners and social media marketers and it's so easy to use. You can create video and graphics with this app.


While not a design tool per say, Preview will assist you with creating a curated feed for Instagram so visitors to your profile, like what they see. You can edit photos to have the same filter, schedule posts, but most importantly preview your feed in advance so it looks balances and planned. You will be able to visually see what the month ahead looks like.

Video Creation

Video receives 10 times the engagement of a photo post, but it can be the most costly to produce, until now.


You don't need a cinematography degree or even quality footage to get started. Videoleap includes paid and free stock footage that you can use to create clips for your social media, website or presentation. Choose fonts, colours, transitions, animations, music, effects and more, all from within the app.

So give some of these apps a go and see if they work for you.

Consistency is key. With all your creations, of course, we recommend keeping things consistent. Stick to your brand, colour palate, fonts and image styles so your brand is easily recognisable from one platform to another. You can pick one style for a campaign and roll out the same style and resize for the various platforms.

Social media content, without a strategy or a purpose will be a lot of work for little return. If you need a social media strategy that creates impact, content pillars that engage and customer conversion that drives growth, contact Fruitful Group.



Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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