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Fruitful Entrepreneurs - Female Founder Interview Series: Episode 3 with guest Candice DeVille

Episode 3: Using marketing as a force for positive change with female founder, Candice DeVille

Host, Shelley Tilbrook, chats with female founder, Candice DeVille, co-founder of the Copilot Crew and AI Copilot, about her entrepreneur journey, her determination to change digital marketing and use her powers for good. She shares her insights, lessons, challenges as well as a few tips for entrepreneurs to develop their leadership, build a team and how to integrate AI into your business.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast - Female Founder Series with host Shelley Tilbrook and guest Candice DeVille

Candice DeVille

Co-Founder and Managing Director of boutique digital marketing agency, The Copilot Crew and AI Copilot.

Candice works with ambitious business leaders to build meaningful brands and better connect with their customers through strategic analysis, design, data and marketing communication.

She has 20 years in marketing, business growth advisory and strategy, content analysis and production, public speaking and presenting, but was determined to do things differently, better.

She also mentors women-led businesses and entrepreneurs through RMIT, Startup Bootcamp and MAP, to provide access to high-level guidance and strategy support.

"My early experiences drove my values and ultimately why I pursue using marketing as a force for good."

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast

In this episode we talk about

ethical marketing, channel agnostic marketing, separating your personal opinion from your business, building teams, artificial intelligence and supporting business growth for positive change.

Catch the Episode here

You can watch the interview video on Youtube or watch/listen on Spotify.

Contact the Copilot Crew

Level 11, 465 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000



The Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast

The Female Founder Series was created to raise the visibility of successful female entrepreneurs. Shelley Tilbrook hosts inspiring female founders to discuss their entrepreneur journey, challenges, lessons and success. We explore a range of business topics including purpose, leadership, scale, courage, mindset, mental health, technology and more.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs aims to increase the visibility of female leaders in business to inspire a limitless mindset to build your own blooming brand, unleash your femme power and positively impact with a purpose-driven business.



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