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Fruitful Entrepreneurs - Female Founder Interview Series 1: Episode 4 with guest Deepa Mani

Episode 4: Diversity and Visibility with guest female founder, Deepa Mani

Host, Shelley Tilbrook, chats with female founder, Deepa Mani, founder of the Chandralaya School of Dance, about her entrepreneur journey, her drive to pursue her passion of dance, navigating Covid during extended lockdowns and what's it's been like as an immigrant entrepreneur. She shares her insights, lessons, challenges as well as a few tips for entrepreneurs along with her experience being featured in the Documentary-style film, Visible Founders.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast - Female Founder Series with host Shelley Tilbrook and guest Candice DeVille

Deepa Mani

Deepa has distinguished herself as a talented and versatile dancer, with acclaimed performances in India, United States and Australia.

Following on from a corporate career specialising in business transformation and business analysis, she founded the Chandralaya School of Dance.

She serves as an executive manager on the Creative Women’s Circle and was recently featured in the film Visible Founders about her entrepreneur journey.

"My advice to other entrepreneurs is whatever one wants to achieve, write it down, put it on a vision board and work towards it daily with discipline."

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast

In this episode we talk about

visibility and how you can't be what you can't see, inspiring others to pursue their dreams, adapting fast to changing environments.

Watch the Episode here

You can watch the interview video on Youtube or watch/listen on Spotify.

Contact the Chandralaya School of Dance.

Class venue: 21 Patterson Road, Bentleigh, VIC

The Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast

The Female Founder Series was created to raise the visibility of successful female entrepreneurs.

Shelley Tilbrook hosts inspiring female founders to discuss their entrepreneur journey, challenges, lessons and success. We explore a range of business topics including purpose, leadership, scale, courage, mindset, mental health, technology and more.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast aims to increase the visibility of female leaders in business to inspire a limitless mindset to build your own bold blooming brand, unleash your femme power and positively impact others with a purpose-driven business.


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