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Fruitful Entrepreneurs - Female Founder Interview Series 1: Episode 6 with guest Brady Yoshia

Episode 6: Navigating Negotiation & Leadership with guest female founder, Brady Yoshia

Host, Shelley Tilbrook, chats with female founder, Brady Yoshia, from Brady Marcs, about her entrepreneur journey, her transition from the telecommunications industry to real estate and building your strengths in negotiation, leadership and managing a team. She shares her insights, lessons, challenges as well as some negotiation tips for entrepreneurs.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast - Female Founder Series with host Shelley Tilbrook and guest Candice DeVille

Brady Yoshia

Brady, heads up the team of experienced property professionals; She’s also the Vice-President of Hera Women, a leadership organisation for women in business; and hosts the Brady Marcs podcast.

With years of running her own retail business in the fiercely competitive telecommunications sector, she sharpened her negotiating skills and developed an appreciation for customer service.

"Everybody uses a real estate agent when selling their home, but not everyone uses a buyers agent. Everybody should be able to get the right advise in this fiercely competitive market."
Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast

Her first foray into running a business was in the telecommunications industry.

In this episode we talk about

stepping into your leadership, mastering negotiation and shifting industries.

Watch the Episode here

You can watch the interview video on Youtube or watch/listen on Spotify.

Contact the team at Brady Marcs

Phone: 1800 28 77 77

Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory are highly experienced property professionals combining expertise and knowledge in the Real Estate Industry with a bespoke customer experience and attention-to-detail.

The Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast

The Female Founder Series was created to raise the visibility of successful female entrepreneurs. You can't be what you can't see.

Shelley Tilbrook hosts inspiring female founders to discuss their entrepreneur journey, challenges, lessons and success. We explore a range of business topics including purpose, leadership, scale, courage, mindset, mental health, technology and more.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast aims to increase the visibility of female leaders in business to inspire a limitless mindset to build your own bold blooming brand, unleash your femme power and positively impact others with a purpose-driven business.


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