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Fruitful Entrepreneurs - Female Founder Series Episode 7 with guest Kate Save

Episode 7: Fuelling Success with Be Fit Food with female founder, Kate Save

Next up on the Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast, and the first episode for 2024, host Shelley Tilbrook, chats with female founder, Kate Save, from Be Fit Food, about her entrepreneur journey, her determination to solve an industry problem stemming from her own lived experience and expertise. She shares her insights, lessons, challenges as well as some nutritional tips for entrepreneurs to perform at their best.

From successfully pitching on Shark Tank, to growing 1500% overnight, to managing the operational demands, to now expanding the business through Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse - this is well worth tuning in for this inspiring journey and success story.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast - Female Founder Series with host Shelley Tilbrook and guest Candice DeVille

There’s no denying that Australia’s obesity rates are continuously on the rise and there is little education in place to show the public the effects of added sugar & sodium, high carb & large portioned diets can have not just on our weight, but on our general health & wellbeing.

That’s why our founder, Kate Save, an accredited practising dietitian & exercise physiologist, started Be Fit Food.

Kate Save

Kate Save is a clinical dietitian, exercise physiologist, diabetes educator, and successful entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Founder of Be Fit Food, Australia’s leading dietitian and doctor-designed meal provider which has delivered 3+ Million meals nationally.

With 20+ years’ experience working in clinical health and fitness, Kate is a credible voice on all things nutrition and wellbeing.

"Growing at 1500% overnight, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy!"

Having started one of Australia’s most successful healthy meal delivery businesses, Kate is also an astute entrepreneur with an inspiring business story to tell that has been widely covered in the media. Among Be Fit Food’s many accolades, the company was named Telstra’s Victorian Business of the Year in 2018 and #29 in the AFR (Australian Financial Review) Fast Starters in 2019 and the Telstra Victorian Business of the Year again in 2022 for Championing Health.

Kate is passionate about empowering individuals to achieve positive change — be it through

sharing her wisdom on health, or her learnings in business. She is a regular media commentator and is often called upon by Australia’s leading news, health, and wellbeing titles to lend her expertise.

Her core belief is that food should be the first medicine and her ambition is to revolutionise

Australians’ relationship with food, whilst halting the trajectory of weight-related chronic disease.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast

In this episode we talk about

scaling fast, building a team, improving operations, continuous learning and health and wellbeing through nutritious meals.

Watch the Episode here

You can watch the interview video on Youtube or watch/listen on Spotify.

Contact the team at Be Fit Food

Be Fit Food has one main goal: to help Australians to eat themselves better.

The programs give our customers the food, resources and dietitian support they need to healthily lose weight rapidly and sustain their weight loss through eating nutrient-rich, real food rather than resorting solely on shakes, bars or detox teas.

The recipes are created by our team of dietitians and are designed to bring the body into mild nutritional ketosis, which makes the body burn stored fat rather than carbohydrates and helps our customers to feel fuller for longer, have more energy throughout their day, sleep better and help towards other health benefits such as lowered cholesterol & balanced blood sugar levels.

The Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast

The Female Founder Series was created to raise the visibility of successful female entrepreneurs. You can't be what you can't see.

Shelley Tilbrook hosts inspiring female founders to discuss their entrepreneur journey, challenges, lessons and success. We explore a range of business topics including purpose, leadership, scale, courage, mindset, mental health, technology and more.

Fruitful Entrepreneurs Podcast aims to increase the visibility of female leaders in business to inspire a limitless mindset to build your own bold blooming brand, unleash your femme power and positively impact others with a purpose-driven business.


Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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