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Introducing the Fruitful Faculty

We love sharing our knowledge with others so much, we’ve built an online school for entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals looking to upgrade their skills.

Introducing the......

The Fruitful Faculty is an online school to engage, educate and empower a bunch of entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals.

“We felt the timings were right, with some businesses and individuals doing it tough, the Fruitful Faculty would put the power back in their hands to up-skill and build knowledge in-house,” said Fruitful Group Founder, Shelley Tilbrook.

The online education industry is thriving with its size set to double to $438 billion in the next few years. These days convenience is paramount. The flexibility to learn from anywhere and fit into your schedule broadens the appeal and allows anyone to take part.

“What sets the Fruitful Faculty apart is we don’t hold back any industry secrets or successful strategies that have taken us over fifteen years to perfect and will fast-track our students.”

Course modules are designed to cater to all types of learners, with a series of video lectures, lecture notes, checklists, templates and resources to support everyone's unique learning style. A practical exercise at the conclusion of each lecture is where the real learning begins and business building starts. Students are quizzed along the way to keep things interactive and the live support of fellow students and course creators will ensure students stay motivated and succeed.

While courses are priced at an affordable level, there will be applications open shortly for scholarships to make the training accessible to everyone with a computer and internet connection. To be notified of the launch offers, sign up here.

The first course to launch will be ‘Building Your Own Website’. This is designed for anyone thinking of launching a new business, eCommerce site, side hustle or building a digital empire! This 6-module course launches in July and will equip students with content strategies, design tools, SEO knowledge, copywriting formulas and automation integrations, all before learning how to use the website builder and content management systems.

It is the most comprehensive website building course with others just focussing on design and build. By the completion of the course, students will have a published website and traffic generating strategies and be well on their way to building their digital empire and in charge of their future.

Stay tuned for more details shortly.


Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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