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iSwim Wins Prestigious Sport Tech Award

The Australia and New Zealand Sports Technology Awards (ANZSTA) recognises and celebrates excellence in data, digital and technology across the Sports, Media, Entertainment, Health and Technology landscapes.

We are delighted to hear that in 2020 the iSwim app has been recognised and awarded the ANZSTA Social and Fan Engagement Award.

The iSwim app achieved the following:

  • reached #1 on the Apple store 'Sports App' category

  • exceeded over 25,000 downloads

  • over 500,000 sessions

  • over 6 million minute of usage

  • 4,000 training plans viewed

  • 5,000 skills videos viewed

Fan engagement was largely delivered through the virtual challenges to swim a Lap or Australia, prompting all Australians to take part in the virtual lap as part of Australia Swims in a state vs state challenge. The technology allowed the connection with the swim tribe motivating and inspiring them to swim more.

The unique video swim training plans were presented by members of the Australian Dolphin Swim Team to give recreational swimmers variety in their training schedule and who better to learn from! Favourites past and present include the likes of Cate Campbell, Mack Horton, James Magnussen and Brooke Hansen, Michael Klim and Paralympic swimmer, Ellie Cole.

"Developing the iSwim App while working at Swimming Australia, was one of the most rewarding projects and developed my love of sport tech to drive fan engagement," said Shelley Tilbrook.

"The ability to connect the swimming community and inspire them to swim more often was evident from the results achieved. It was also a platform to raise the Australian Dolphin Swim Team member profiles and showcase these incredible athletes and the skill they know best, swimming. The are often judged for a moment in time from the blocks to the wall and iSwim allowed the community to see another side of them."

Congratulations to the team at Swimming Australia and Netco Sports on this outstanding achievement.

App Developer: Netco Sports

Video Production: Good Shout

Project Team: Swimming Australia


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