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Tax Time delivers a Win for Business

The End-of-Financial-Year can be a busy time for business owners, but imagine your business is accounting, tax and coaching and your are sure to have your hands full.

Tax Agent, Karen Windress contacted us about a redesign of her website to add an automated booking system, give it a refresh and reflect all the services she offered. The site also needed mobile optimisation and on-page SEO and Google registration so the business could be found easily.

With a brand refresh on the cards, we helped shape the purpose and values while tidying up the logo fonts and overall colour palette.

With a clear purpose, "to help business owners and individuals make tax time less taxing, and create consistent cashflow with ethical accounting and financial literacy" and a vision, mission, values and brand personality established, it set the foundation for a strong brand.

Since the new design has gone live, the website traffic has gone up over 900% the automated appointment bookings are coming in with a steady flow and the site with better navigation has seen average pageviews increase.

If you are in need of a tax agent or accountant, I can highly recommend Win for Business and you can check out the new website here -


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