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Thrifty Thursday: Money Saving Series #1

We want to help you spend wisely, especially now, but this should be a habit you always do in small business to drive each dollar further. Now is not the time to stop your marketing activity, but it is time to be smarter with each dollar, so we're introducing our Thrifty Thursday Series so you can continue to grow.

For the first in the series, today we reveal a marketing gem, with seven websites that provide royalty-free images with limited copyright restrictions and allow commercial usage. These will save you money, but also time!

But first, here's why we think images are so valuable to growing your business:

  1. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, so you can communicate your message quicker to captivate your target audience. Images are a more effective communication vehicle and 60% or people digest visual content more effectively. You've all heard the saying 'an picture is 1,000 words' and it's true.

  2. Good images are vital for grabbing attention and stopping traffic - and as we call it 'thumb stopping traffic' on social. You have three seconds to get their attention and if you haven't got it by then, you probably aren't going to.

  3. The right image and colour tone will improve your overall design and keep you on brand - you can search the libraries by colours, mood as well as objects, people, orientation and image types to find one fit for purpose in next to no time.

  4. Your business will look more professional with quality, high res images suitable for printing, brochures, websites, social media and more. Well lit, well composed images will improve your external professional image.

  5. You'll look like a rock star to your clients and colleagues saving both time and money by producing quality images in minutes without the hassle or cost of a casting, photoshoot production and editing.

You can search by people, age, sex, mood, topic, colour, object and more providing hundreds and thousands of relevant results in seconds thanks to smart image tagging.

Watch the video here

7 FREE Stock Images Sites

Here are the links to get searching:

Create a free account and save all your favourite images for later. We hope you found this money saving tip useful :)



Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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