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When you should consider a brand refresh and why

Refreshing a brand is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Let's explore 13 of these.

There are several instigators for requiring a brand refresh, but it is also good practice to conduct a proactive brand review every two years to evaluate if everything is consistent, effective and on-point with your messaging.

Remember brand it not just your logo. It's your entire visual identity, positioning, packaging, personality, language, messaging and customer touch-points.

Here are several reasons why a brand might choose to undergo a brand refresh in your business:

One - Stay Relevant: Over time, consumer preferences and market trends change. A brand refresh can help a company stay current and relevant in the eyes of its target audience.

Two - Adapt to Market Changes: Industries evolve, new competitors emerge, and consumer behaviours shift. If your customers’ pain-points have shifted, then new messaging should be applied to speak to their new concerns. A brand refresh allows a company to adapt to these changes and maintain a competitive edge.

Three - A name change: Your business may be looking to change its name, requiring a new logo identity. This can be due trademark challenges, geo-graphical market expansion or a new strategy.

Four - Modernise Brand Image: An outdated brand image can convey the wrong message to consumers. Refreshing the brand can modernise its visual identity, messaging, and overall perception. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but if you designed your logo based on design trends at the time, you are more likely to require this.

Five - Reposition in the Market: As business strategies evolve, a brand may need to reposition itself within the market. A brand refresh can help communicate a new positioning or target audience more effectively.

Six - Address Negative Associations: If a brand has faced negative publicity or associations in the past, a refresh can provide an opportunity to rebuild trust and reshape perceptions.

Seven - Reflect Organisational Growth: Companies grow and evolve over time. A brand refresh can reflect this growth, showcasing the company's expanded offerings, market presence, or values. This is a big one!

Eight - Attract New Customers: A refreshed brand can attract the attention of new customers who may have overlooked the brand in the past or appeal to a different demographic. Likewise you may have changed your ideal customer profile and want to improve the messaging to appeal to them.

Nine - Reignite Interest: Existing customers may become disengaged if a brand remains stagnant. A refresh can reignite interest and excitement among current customers, encouraging repeat business and brand loyalty.

Ten - Differentiate from Competitors: In crowded markets, it's essential for a brand to stand out. A refresh can differentiate the brand from competitors and highlight its unique value proposition. Rather than blend in, you can take a bold approach to stand out and become more visible.

Eleven - Signal Change or Innovation: A brand refresh can signal to stakeholders, including employees, investors, and partners, that the company is evolving, innovative, and committed to its long-term success. If there have been improvement and innovations in your business, your brand identity should reflect that too.

Twelve - Improve Brand Consistency: Over time, inconsistencies may arise in a brand's messaging, visual identity, or customer experience. A refresh provides an opportunity to realign these elements for greater consistency. Often the brand was developed when the company started and it's good process to invite the expanded team to a brand review workshop to better reflect the current positioning.

Thirteen - Boost Brand Equity: A successful brand refresh can enhance brand equity by revitalising consumer perceptions, increasing brand recognition, and ultimately driving business growth.

It's important for a brand to carefully assess its goals, market position, and consumer feedback before deciding to undergo a refresh. Additionally, effective implementation and communication are key to ensuring that the refresh resonates positively with stakeholders.

Ways we can help you

We can help you with a brand refresh by conducting a workshop, then developing the assets for you to rebirth your bold blooming brand.

You can book a free consult on the below link.

Or you can purchase a Fruitful Branding Blueprint to conduct a brand review yourself. This comprehensive guide walks you through all the elements of a fruitful brand so you can assess and evaluate your brand strengths.


Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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