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Working Remotely - Your New Normal

Many office-based workers are experiencing a massive adjustment in recent times. Their routine has changed, their environment has changed and their future may be uncertain.

This is a reality for many people right now, so here is some tips to manage this current situation.

1. Routine

Try as best to stick to your usual routine. Shower in the morning and get yourself ready for the working day. Since you no longer have to drive to work, use that time to exercise.

No gym, no problem. Take a walk around the block, go for a run on the beach or pull out your old exercise DVD's that are sure to be both entertaining and a good workout!

If your normal working day is 9-5 try to stick with this routine. If you have kids 'home-schooling', be flexible to help them manage their new routine too. This might mean you use your lunch break to play a bit of sport or take the dog for a walk around the block with them.

2. Work Space

Get yourself set up with a clear workspace. Clean up a desk or designated work place so you feel organised.

A laptop in bed is not where you are going to be productive, so set yourself up with good posture, adequate lighting and sufficient power points for phone, computer and the like.

3. Managing a Team

Get the essential digital tools to communicate, collaborate and stay productive with your team. If you are not already, get yourself on to Zoom. You can run your team meetings through the video conferencing and stay in touch easily to keep essential collaboration. Alternative options include Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace.

If you run a small business and need to have client meetings, then invest in a Zoom paid account so you can brand it and still feel professional. Don't think new client acquisition needs to stop, just because you can't meet them face-to-face.

If you're managing a big project that involved a team of people, then tools like are excellent for project management, team collaboration and communication. Other great cloud-based solutions for team collaboration include Trello, Slack, Onenote and Asana.

These will help keep your team focused, on-task and on-strategy,

4. Data

Have a solution for backing up your data.

If you're doing lots of work and saving to your laptop, make sure you have a system to back up your files.

If your work has a cloud-based storage make sure you are using this too.

5. De-stress

Many are feeling overwhelmed, anxiety or stressed about their situation and the future. Here's some tips that can help you manage.

Turn off the noise: Stop reading an watching every media report on the Coronavirus. Just tune in to one credible source daily for an update. Don't let it consume your thoughts.

Set a morning ritual: Start the day with positive actions consisting of:

- Box breathing - breath in for 6, hold for 6 out for 6

- Practice gratitude - play your favourite song while looking at your favourite pictures

- Exercise - move for 30 minutes to get the heart-rate up

Find some furry friends: pets are great for de-stressing (an you don't need to practise social-distancing with them!)

Eat healthy: keep eating healthy fruit and vegetables. Healthy body, healthy mind.

Stay positive, trust the process and fruitful results will come.

If you or your business need's some assistance in setting up for this new digital era, then reach out to us at fruitful group for assistance.



Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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