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Your next client is just one Zoom away

Offer additional customer services online via Zoom.

Has working from home stalled your new client generation or made servicing existing ones difficult? We can now integrate Zoom with your website and to allow you to offer virtual services to your clients and potential clients.

We can integrate the Zoom platform with your booking systems allowing seamless automation. You can run live video sessions and meetings across any distance. If you are planning to connect with clients online, you can use Zoom to host your 1-on-1 Sessions, Class or Courses. Online sessions are ideal for coaching, tutoring, language classes, fitness sessions, meetings, presentations and much more.

Zoom is a platform that allows you to host online video sessions. You can connect to just one person or many. You and your clients can access the session on a variety of devices including computer, phone, and iPad. In a Zoom meeting you can:

  • Hold a meeting with one person or many people

  • Share your screen for presentations and visuals

  • Mute and unmute participants, or allow them to do so themselves

  • Use the group chat to exchange written messages (or disable chat)

  • Record the session (or allow participants to record)

Don't stop doing what you do best!

This is great for client meetings, pitching new business and to help you keep your business moving forward.

If your business is looking to expand your offer to include online teaching or coaching more permanently, contact us about our other platforms like Teachable and Invanto so we can get you set up now.



Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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