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Powerful Persuasive Pitches with Shelley Tilbrook

HOW to pitch with power & persuasion

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 5 Principles for Powerful Persuasive Pitches 

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Powerful Persuasive Pitches with Shelley Tilbrook
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What You'll Learn

This eBook will equip you with five principles for powerful, persuasive pitches to captivate, connect and convert your audience with confidence.


Many presentations and pitches we see are missing fruitful ingredients involving an equal measure of science and art. The science, being the formula and psychology, the art, being the design and delivery. Both improve with practice.

The 5 principles cover:

  1. Phobia to Power - Raise your Confidence

  2. Priceless, Painkiller Problem - solve for your audience

  3. Personable Approach - always tailor and customise

  4. Persuade with Emotion - connect with your audience

  5. Pause for Impact - for powerful memorable messages


Persuasion has become a critical part of the working day with people are now spending 40% of their working day engaged in non-salesy selling consisting of persuading, influencing and convincing others.

Shelley Tilbrook presents Powerful Persuasive Pitches

In my 20 years experience of pitching to prospective clients, presenting sponsorship proposals and designing presentations and sales material for clients, I have learnt was is effective in moving an audience to a positive outcome.

These skills are not what you learn  through formal education, yet the ability to influence and persuade other to take action, is an essential part of most jobs.

"This Framework looks at the factors that are most influential to a positive response.  I consider these skills essential for success in business whether you are a business owner, executive leader or aspiring employee that want to achieve a positive impact."

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