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Building Your Online Authority

How to gain credibility, authority and raise your expert status in your industry.

Whether you are going for a job or building your own business, chances are people will google your name at some point. What will they find? A social media profile and old image someone posted of you and tagged you in?

Not ideal if your clients or prospective employer wants to get to know, like and trust you before doing business with you.

Well there is a simple way to control that experience and elevate your leadership status in your industry.

Building an authority website or personal branding website - - so you can make an excellent first impression.

So who needs one?

Entrepreneurs, entertainers, elite athletes, we've got you covered.

You can benefit from a personal branding website if you are a coach, consultant, professional services provider, expert, industry leader or influencer you can benefit from a personal branding website to gain instant authority.

"The strength of building your personal brand strategically, lies in the fact that you start attracting the opportunities that align with your purpose and values." Shelley Tilbrook

This is not new for some industries. Politicians, Realestate Agents, entertainers have been doing this for decades. But now we are in a personal branding era, largely brought on by Covid-19 as more business is done online. Less face-to-face meetings to build trust means your digital footprint now has a larger baring on your ability to grow exponentially. People want to know the person behind the business and leaders need to be visible.

What are the benefits?

9 Advantages of a Personal Branding Website

  1. A website provides far more flexibility than a LinkedIn or social media page so you can control the branding, content and experience.

  2. It allows you to generate leads, bookings, order, sales and business right from the platform.

  3. You own and control the platform so you can control the message. You don't need to worry about changes to algorithms reducing your traffic, articles going unseen or stagnant old information appearing. You can keep it fresh and relevant and your website can evolve as your career and business interests do.

  4. Unless you have a very common name or one that matches an already famous person, who can reach the #1 ranking spot on google very fast.

  5. You can track and retarget people who have visited your website with special offers.

  6. If you already have a business website, you can strengthen the SEO for that website by providing links back to it (backlinks) and vice versa.

  7. You can create a blog on your personal branding website to share your opinion and expertise for topics where you want to establish yourself as an authority and leader.

  8. You can use the personal branding website to promote projects, launches or brands you are working with to help amplify the activity online.

  9. You can share testimonials and case studies to strengthen your credibility and social proof of your results.

"You own and control the platform so you can control the message."

As the saying goes, we eat our own dog food!

Yes we have a company website, but we have built and seen excellent results in generating a 50% increase in traffic over the two sites without any promotion.

How can I get one?

We offer three packages.

  1. Build your Personal Branding Website - we'll design, build and publish your website for you including copy, design assets, SEO and traffic creation strategies and content formulas for you to follow.

  2. Building Your Personal Brand Package including setting your values, designing your brand, building your digital footprint and building your personal branding website as per the package above.

  3. Building Your Personal Brand Blueprint Online Course - we'll teach you everything to help you build your brand and implement it as you go, so you can go from invisible to invincible in 6 weeks. This course covers purpose & values, brand design, digital authority, social media, website and PR. Our pre-launch pricing is a 50% discount for those who take up the earlybird offer. This is not yet released.

Like to find out more?

Contact us to discuss the option that right for you, book a free consult or send an email to


Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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