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Fruitful Mindset Meditation - NeuroMatrix Mastery: De-stress

This is the NeuroMatrix Mastery to help you destress, calm your brain and reduce your cortisol levels.

The NeuroMatrix Mastery Series will take you on a journey that merges ancient wisdom with the latest in neuroscience, applying meditation and hypnotherapy to guide you to a state of relaxation.

This meditation is perfect for the busy mum, female founder or women in business who want to reduce their stress levels so they can make good decisions, stay healthy, remain calm under pressure and have a good restful sleep.

This 18-minute journey is perfect for a morning meditation or to use at times of stress to help you reset and find calm. Using the latest in neuroscience it uses automatic triggers to program your subconscious to support you through the day and challenging events.

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Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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