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How to grow your revenue online without working harder

Here's some digital product ideas that you can scale infinitely for business expansion or business startup inspiration.

You can run a highly profitable business remotely, online or from home. Or if you have an established business already you can add a suite of digital products to the mix to increase your revenue without increasing your work time.

Don't get me wrong, it takes time to create them and perfect the online sales offer, but once you reach that sweet spot, it is very easy to scale.

Why we love digital products

There are many benefits of creating a digital product, but here's a few to entice you:

  1. They are infinitely scalable - whether you sell 1, 100 or 1M, it not any extra work (mostly).

  2. You don't have to worry about logistics - you can automate the fulfilment process online.

  3. There are low upfront costs to create them comparatively to physical products.

  4. You can sell them before you build them in a pre-sale - that gives you market validity before you invest time creating them.

  5. You can build them fast - as soon as you have the idea, you can start your go-to-market plan and there are not many barriers.

  6. You don't need a warehouse to store them and shipping is, well, free and instant.

One-off NFT's

Now we couldn't write an article about digital products without mentioning NFT's, a technology that has exploded in recent times in particular for the art industry.

What's an NFT you say? Well it's a non-fungile token. Oh right!?! This means it's a one-of-a-kind, completely unique digital product. This growing trend has seen some astronomical prices for the right to be the owner of the 'original'. You might think it's a lot of work to create just one, but here's some examples of NFT sales recently.

  • The Founder of Twitter sold his first Tweet for $3M

  • 50-second video by Grimes sold for $390,000

  • Video by Beeple sold for $6.6M

  • An image by Beeple "Everydays - The First 5000 Days" sold at a Christie's via auction for $69M, yes, more than a Monet original painting.

Technically anything digital can be sold as an NFT.

But this article focuses more on the digital products that you can infinitely scale. The evergreens. This is broken down in opportunities that are written, audio, design, video, community and tech.

Written form

Copywriting experts and authors listen up. Self publishing has become a modern day reality and you can create your very own masterpiece and to sell online. eBooks are easily consumable, build business credibility and can generate steady income but there are also other written forms of digital products to consider.

  1. eBook - fiction

  2. eBook - non-fiction

  3. Poetry

  4. Recipe eBook

  5. Copywriting Templates & Formulas

  6. Checklists

  7. How To Instructions

  8. Inspirational Journals

  9. Exercise Plans

  10. Nutritional Plans

  11. Membership Blog

  12. Magazine with guest contributors

  13. Email nurture series templates

Audio Form

A written book is great, but an audio version is likely to sell for a higher fee due to the convenience factor. So get your recording studio set up and start creating with these ideas.

  1. Audio Books

  2. Audio Blog

  3. Audio Podcast

  4. Jingle

  5. Song

  6. Ringtones

  7. Sound Effects

  8. Storytelling Series

  9. Voiceovers

  10. Music - NFT's - non-fungible tokens which means it's unique, one-of-a-kind


If you are a design wiz, then the digital product world is for you too. There are tools to help you create templates for others to purchase and adapt for their brand or you can sell designs as finished products or art. Here's the list.

  1. Design Templates

  2. Wallpapers

  3. Social Media Templates

  4. Logo Templates

  5. Poster Prints

  6. eBook Covers

  7. Powerpoint Templates

  8. Icon Sets

  9. Fonts

  10. Photography

  11. Animations

  12. Resume Templates

  13. Infographics

  14. Filters

  15. Art NFT's - non-fungible tokens which means it's unique, one-of-a-kind

Video Form

Video is a popular form for digital products. On Facebook alone there are 8 billion video views per day. It is in high demand, there's minimal front-end costs and for the growing eLearning industry, it attaches visuals to the learning process. Video is an excellent storytelling vehicle and has the strongest ability to build rapport, trust and connection with your audience.

Video accounts for around 79% of global internet traffic. WOW.

Here's the most popular digital products to create in video form.

  1. Online Courses - a series of video lectures that people can purchase

  2. Masterclasses - one mega video on a particular topic

  3. Video Templates - help others create video with smart intro and endframe effects

  4. Workouts & Training Programs - take the fitness industry by storm

  5. Exclusive Fan Content / Interviews - host on your own OTT platform or subscription portal

  6. Virtual Events - great for concerts, conferences, art exhibitions and even exhibitions on the right platforms and can be suited to Live or pre-recorded content.

  7. Evergreen Challenges - pre-record webinars around popular topics to help others transform.

  8. YouTube Channel - this does require regular new content, but with YouTube a form of search engine, the content has a long shelf life unlike other social media platforms that expire after 24 hours (not literally)

  9. Animations - this is a skill so many people need, but it hard to learn


Connection is under-rated. People want to feel part of something bigger than themselves and part of a community of like-minded people for a sense of belonging. A basic human need. If you can create an online community, then you can monetise it with valuable digital offers.

  1. Membership Program - create your unique online membership filled with valuable digital products

  2. Group Coaching - create a mix of digital products and live support managed online

  3. Social Media Influencer - this requires regular content creation, but you can be rewarded financially and with physical products

  4. Private Facebook Group - fast and simple to set up, a bit of work to grow, but once you have built the community, they can self regulate and populate with content and you can monetise with valuable digital offers


If you are a developer or know a good developer, you can look to solve major problems or save people time with a digital tech solution. Here are some examples.

  1. Apps - what problems can you solve at scale with an app?

  2. Games or gamified products

  3. Plugins for other software that save people time or automate a process

  4. Zapier Templates

  5. Website Templates

SportTech, EdTech, MarTech - digital solutions are growing across all industries if you solve the right problem.

If you have been inspired, but not sure how to get started, we can help.

At fruitful group we've helped entrepreneurs like you create digital products. We've designed eBooks, built online learning platforms, designed digital courses, created video products, designed digital templates, built eCommerce websites, membership portals, run virtual events, set up Facebook Groups, designed apps and more.

Contact Founder, Shelley Tilbrook to discuss your digital product idea and let's see it come to fruition!



Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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