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Pitch Perfect Program - Waitlist and Scholarship Applications Open

Your playbook to develop, design and deliver

a Persuasive Pitch that wins over the room.

The Fruitful Faculty has released its' next online course that teaches employees, executives and entrepreneurs lifelong business skills to Persuade, Present and Personalise a Pitch so that your audience says yes.

Who is this designed for

You want to improve your confidence pitching.

You want to understand the buyers' decision-making process.

You want to captivate your audience through powerful storytelling.

You want to develop a meaningful connection with your target audience;

You want to design pitch presentations that have clear, concise messaging.

You want to motivate desired behaviours without selling and move them to action.

You want to maximise buying psychology and subconscious mental triggers.

You want to attract people with shared values for sustainable partnerships.

You want to create memorable, meaningful compelling messages.

You want to achieve emotional resonance with your audience.

You want to establish credibility, authority and leadership;

You want to communicate with clarity and confidence.

You want the ability to influence and persuade;

You want to read the room better.

You want to win more


The Pitch Perfect Program has been created from learning what works over 20 years of pitching to prospective sponsors, investors and government for funding grants. We learnt the most effective methods and developed the fruitful framework.

We not only teach everything we know the video lectures, we provide checklists, templates and practical workbooks to ensure students put the theory into practice. There is additional support with other students and lecturer, Course Creator, Shelley Tilbrook, to provide feedback and answer questions throughout the 6-week course.

The benefits of the Pitch Perfect Program

You will learn how to:

  • Develop meaningful connection with your target audience;

  • Motivate desired behaviours without selling ;

  • Captivate your audience through powerful stories;

  • Communicate with clarity and confidence;

  • Achieve emotional resonance with your audience;

  • Attract the right people with shared values;

  • Move others to action;

  • Ability to influence and persuade;

  • Establish credibility, authority and leadership;

  • Design sales decks and presentations that create impact;

  • Presentation techniques to make your message memorable;

  • Maximise buying psychology and mental triggers; and

  • How to tailor for different decision-maker personality types.

Packages Available

There are three packages available along with upfront payment or payment plan options.

  1. Online Course

  2. Online Course + Weekly Coaching

  3. Online Course + Customised Design Presentation Build Template

Join the Waitlist

To join the waitlist, apply for a scholarship or find out more details, click here for the Pitch Perfect Program.

The course will be available at the Fruitful Faculty in May 2021.


Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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