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The Knife Merchant eCommerce website and branding

Project showcase of our client's new website featuring over 140 products for online purchase.

fruitful Group was engaged by The Knife Merchant Australia to design and build a website including developing branding so they could sell their products online.

It was a big meaty site (pun intended!) with over 140 products to feature in the online shop.

Introducing The Knife Merchant Aus

The Knife Merchant Aus is a cut above, providing premium quality knives for fishing, camping, kitchen, butchering and outdoor lifestyle.

The brief was simple - a professional, easy to navigate website to showcase their wide collection of knives.

The owners had a merged their two passion, fishing and cooking in the kitchen into this business.

"I wanted to supply people with the opportunity to access good quality products to process their fish, prepare their dinner and do it at an affordable price with ease."

Having used the Victorinox brand for over 20 years, they hand selected the best quality and specialty knives for the site focussing on customer segments fishing, butchering, kitchen and lifestyle.

In developing the brand we went with a colour palette to stand out in the industry which was traditionally blues and greys. The colour palette inspired by salmon skin and flesh colour and fitting with their values of integrity, quality and sustainability.

To make the font unique we sliced the letters on a diagonal and used a knife blade on the e.

We also developed sub-brands for each of the segments switching out the icon on the e to match the category.

Then onto the website, we wanted to incorporate a lot of the lifestyle elements through video and images to make the website inviting.

Key Website features:

  • eCommerce shop for products;

  • Collections for shop categories - fishing, kitchen, butchering and lifestyle

  • Data capture forms to build a customer database.

  • Blog to showcase products, tips and video how-to (launching soon)

  • Automation for customer communication for orders

  • SEO and mobile optimisation

"The best part of the project was when the client told us they'd made money in their sleep. It's the best feeling watching a client grow and succeed."


Founder, Fruitful Group.



Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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