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Multilingual sites made easy

We recently completed a website for Coney Legal who service two main markets - Australia and Japan. We included a multilingual function that allows the entire site to be viewed in English or Japanese at the switch of a button or display based on the geo-location of the user.

Watch the video to see how fast the website responds in real time

As you look to expand your online audience, you might have already considered building a multilingual website. A site with content in the various languages you serve enables you to communicate effectively with your visitors.

There are other reasons why you might want your online presence to be multilingual and this website type. Your business might be located in a popular tourist destination, having the potential to attract clients spanning far beyond the neighborhood, state, or even country.

We can help you make your website easily accessible to all languages and localised to different regions.

Using the Wix multilingual functionality, you can translate your copy and redesign content to suit various markets. It also allows you to adapt your SEO settings to maximize each market potential.

How to build a multilingual website

If you wish to explore multilingual website functionality, give us a call today.

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