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The Fruitful Branding Blueprint to build a blooming brand

How to build blooming brands that attracts your ideal audience and achieve sustainable growth. Our new eBook is out now. Grab your digital copy here.

A blooming brand is one that is thriving, healthy, beautiful, glowing and exhibiting a freshness that is primed for growth and bearing fruit. It's attracting the ideal customer, much like a flower attracts bees. This is what I strive to achieve for every client.

"A brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business." - STEVE FORBES

At fruitful group, we believe, if you develop a clear brand strategy, it will help you:

  • stand out and differentiate your brand from the competition;

  • be purposeful and strategic with all your actions; and

  • position you to attract and appeal to your ideal customer.

Over time, developing brands for our clients, we have measured the most effective and important elements to a brand's growth and its ability to attract like-minded, ideal customers.

We have also seen what mistakes or roadblocks slowed things down.

60% of our clients come to us with a name sorted ready to brand, but the remainder are undecided with a handful of names, or they are still in the idea development stage to solve a particular problem. Likewise, it’s not uncommon for clients to change their mind on the name part way through the design phase. Previously, we didn’t have a process to assist clients with this decision-making other than brainstorming, intuition and checking name availability. For these reasons, I created a process to ensure they select a strong brand name ahead of the design process to avoid costly issues.

So how do you develop a clear brand strategy that helps to steer your brand?

We've taken these learnings and insights to create the The Fruitful Branding Blueprint eBook

It's an 80-page eBook to help you transform your brand or create a new one with a strong brand strategy, the fruitful ingredients for success and the tools and formulas to help you implement it.

What's included in the Fruitful Branding Blueprint eBook?

The 80-page eBook covers the theory to develop a fruitful brand along with the formulas, checklists and workbooks to complete your brand strategy as you go.

  • Brand Strategy and why you need one

  • Brand Purpose- define your why, vision and mission

  • Brand Values - what do you stand for

  • Brand position - map your competition and your brand, tagline and USP

  • Brand Name - how to develop a good brand name

  • Brand Personality - Implement the brand personality matrix and brand character

  • Brand Colours - how to use colour psychology to select the best emotive colours for your brand that align with the desired state your customers seek

  • Brand Language - develop your tone of voice and unique language

  • Brand Identity - visual elements including logo

  • Brand Touchpoints - how to enhance your customer experience at all the touchpoints

  • Brand Story - develop your brand story with the fruitful storytelling formula

  • Brand Evolution - planning for your brand expansion with brand architecture structures

If you want to invest in your business, invest in your brand. The Fruitful Branding Blueprint eBook is available online now for $37 AUD or you receive as a complimentary bonus when you engage our brand design services with one of our branding packages.


Image by Jeremy Bezanger
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